With our products you are buying a tradition of quality, craftsmanship and service accompanied by the uses of the very traditional as well as latest manufacturing technology.


Payment Policy

Terms of Sale

We accept payment through these methods

1. Wire bank transfer
2. Western Union money transfer to begin with your order.
3. PayPal / Credit Card.

For our western union information send us email on info@fomitexfightgear.com

If the order is small and payment is less than 500.00 ($/€/£) please send payment via western union.

There are 2 methods to send payment by Western Union as following..
(i) You need to go to local agent of your nearest Western Union office and give them sender and receiver details. They will take net amount with some additional money transfer charges and provide you a secret transfer code. (MTCN)

(ii) You can also do this transaction online at www.westernunion.com by filling a form. For this transaction you need Credit Card etc. Please send given secret transfer code. (MTCN) via e-mail or call & we will get payment from here western union local office.

(2). Bank Wire Transfer

If the order is more than 500.00 ($/€/£) please send payment via bank, (you can use western union here also).

For our Bank Account information send us email on info@fomitexfightgear.com

Special note for Bank Transfer:

(i) When you send payment please make sure to pay ‘Routing & Transfer’ charges from your end so that we may receive net amount on our end.

(ii) Some clients have to travel vast distance from their place to approach Western Union and some are reluctant to pay by this method. If you have any problem you may use bank for small amounts 500.00 ($/€/£) as well BUT in this case please add £20.00 / $35.00 on the top of invoiced amount so that we may cover bank deductions on our end that almost finish our profit in small orders.

(3). PayPal / Credit Card.

Please drop us an e mail at info@fomitexfightgear.com for the PayPal or Credit Card Payment information, Charges may apply for them.


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